Katy Texas Man Gas Analyst- Scott Shields Houston, Texas

Job Description:  Gas Marketing Analyst- Katy Texas
Work as a member of the marketing team to negotiate short-term term purchases and sales of natural gas supply.
Provide commercial support for Natural Gas Marketing activities by gathering and analyzing market data related to the U.S. Natural Gas Market.
Evaluate transportation options for sourcing feed gas and marketing equity production.
Develop comprehensive reports to support natural gas marketing strategies.
Identify counterparties and work to execute NAESB contracts.
Optimize and manage day to day operations of feed gas supply needs with LNG operations.
This role is expected to expand over time and allow for candidate to develop into Gas Marketer under the direct supervision of the Team Leader.

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Ideal candidate will have 5 to 10 years of experience in the natural gas market either in scheduling/gas control functions or fundamental analysis.  Must be motivated with a desire to expand understanding of market principles in the U.S. Natural Gas Market to develop into a gas marketing role.  Experience with implementation of ETRM systems is a plus.

Must possess understanding of the physical natural gas marketing including scheduling and nomination procedures, storage, transportation rates, imbalance management, optimization of assets, and supply/demand analysis.
Ability to analyze market trends and data to provide reports to senior management on market conditions and forecasts.
Analytical/technical skills to develop individual analysis and perform independent research.
Knowledge of derivative pricing and structures.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Ability to work in a global company environment dealing with diverse cultures and customs.

Ability to prioritize tasks based on commercial impacts in a dynamic environment.


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